Thursday, 22 November 2012

Innings 2 Begins

So I am just 2 days way from College starting for semester 2.
My feelings?
Excited. Nervous. Anticipating what this semester has in store for us.
Four months in Pune has me well merged in the colors of life of a Design Student.

A simple yet complicated world of Adolescent lives.
Lives full of drama and smiles and tears.

We girls go crazy with laughter , cry over heartbreaks , swoon over crushes and gossip like bi*ches!

The basic tadka of every college and every hostel.

This is probably the most suckiest post I have written... i m just tooo excited! Vacations have been crazy and now its time to go back into the world of papers , fabrics and hard work .
Imma meet all my friends , Roam around the place I have learnt to like and maybe ... just mybe have a new start that is gonna change my future into everything I want it to be.

Damn Excited and Signing off..
Saniaaaaaaa <3

P.S. As promised... I have the new crazy pic to add up with the post!
Yea Yea laugh over it but you gotta admit - I am talented in a weird way :P

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