Monday, 18 November 2013


The previous semester we were given a project on Denim Upcycling. For those of you who don't know what it means, Upcycling refers to taking an old garment and converting it into a new, usable product.
I made three products for the project and am going to post all of them for you people to try out :)

This one is a bangle cuff made with denim.
Steps given below :)

What you will need- A stack of bangles (preferably metallic)
   An old pair of jeans
Fabric Glue        
   Needle and Thread

Step 1 - Carefully stack the bangles and dab a ring of glue between each individual bangle.
Step 2 - Clasp the button of your jeans and cut a rectangle (As big as you need) including the zipper and its leftside fabric.
Step 3 - Cut of the top folded part as well as the zipper lock on the bottom so that both ends of the zipper are free.
Step 4 - Rip the seams of the fold covering the zip as well as the seams attaching it to the right side of the fabric. You should get a piece as shown in picture 4.
Step 5 -Fold the edges of the sides inwards and glue the fabric to the bangles from the centre. (This is going to take some time )
Step 6- Fold the projected edges inwards and align them properly. If you feel you can;t hold it in place while stitching you can glue it or pin them together for the time being.
Step 7 - Use the basic stitch or the herringbone (whatever is easy for you) and sew the edges together.
Step 8- Cut any loose or unraveling threads.


If you want to cover the whole stack you just have to cut a bigger rectangle and put a few notches before folding (to avoid gathers).
You can also make this using a single broad bangle.

Do try this :)
Until next time,
The Quirkaholic

Friday, 15 November 2013


Forever thine, Forever mine

Lettres à Juliette