Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Roaming about in the street shops of Pune

So we had to go to a place called Tulsi baag for getting some material for our Material Studies and Elements of Design classes . :D 
Shopping!!! Yay?
Nah it wasn't! We wandered in a crowded market under the after noon sun! Phew!
But it was still a bit fun....

Here are few clicks I took...

This was the cloth shop where we got our Malmal
 cloth piece. I loved the shades of fabrics :)

Macrame knots in sandals!!!!!!!!

:D :D ;D

And these neck pieces were soooooooooo cheap!!!! Just 80 bucks :D

The crowded streets....

Mini Heaven!!!!

Time for ride back home.....Autooooo!!!

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  1. wow, you must be tired and yet so excited!