Monday, 27 August 2012

Chronicles of a design student

It has been so long since I actually posted something over here.... I mean like yeah there have been regular polyvore posts but something I have written (or typed actually ) hasn't been there for a long time. My last post I guess was before my college started 2 months ago..... Damn its been long!!

Well people have been asking me about how is life as a design student..... Uh yeah as if you would understand!
Most of the time people (especially you engineering and medical students! You People! YOU!!!!!!!) think that a designer's work is easy just because they just have to draw.... Uh seriously?

You live one day of our life and not collapse out of fatigue and I might as well give you an award !!

A design student's life is exactly what I expected it to be - Hard. Fun. Tiring. Enjoyable.
Quite many contradictions huh? Well its true.

We have loooong 1 and half hours of lectures (And my back almost breaks by the time its 4!)
And no we don't just sit and draw (which by the way is monotonous when you make about 100 of them per day) we have to make things and learn the history of fashion which is as difficult ,not to mention somewhat boring , as general history of the world!

And to add to that the heap of assignments we get everyday... I would just say we sleep only 4 or less hours these days ( And I am getting DARK CIRCLES!!!! Sob! Sob!)

And now that I have cried about it a bit its time for some good things (Yeah I know you guys don't open this post to hear .. oops READ me cry about how much work we have!!)

So despite the loads of work we have I would say college is quite fun... I mean we do what we enjoy. Put headphones . Shut out the world . Enjoy = BLISS!

Yeah sometimes I feel like burning my drawing book but the truth is its my soulmate and I love it . Just like any other 'relationship'
And some classes , especially Material Studies , which is amaaaaaazing! I would live forever in that class and not regret.

Aahhhhh I know its sort of abrupt but I have to end the post because I am writing this in the Computer Applications class and now ma'am is teaching something...

Till I get a chance to write again,
This is Sania signing off from So Strange Lyf!!
Love You all !!

P.S. I am learning Salsa! :D

PPS And I am joining the gym! Someones gonna get toned up xD Oh Yeaaa!


  1. GYM....????.....SALSA...???....salsa merko aata hai mere se seekhne ka tha vaise ikr ki u have loads of work was just pulling ur leg cause i was gettin bored doin MY ASSIGNMENT JO BAHOT ZADA THA..:p

  2. Aye Bas Bas! U and salsa? ha ha!!

    You better be joking about that warna tu maar khaata bhai :P