Friday, 4 May 2012

Not Just Another Day...

So another day in the ever eventful life of a now 18 teenage girl…Same fights with friends..lazing around…runnig for college admissions…Not having time to Post on ur blog… So what’s So different about today?

Well today is the 4th of May…Another number in calendar for most but for me this date spells one thing – My Best Friend’s Birthday J

Today the stupid guy named Parth Raval turned 19 :D :D

The past 1 year has been kinda tough on us… What with personal problems and then problems in the beautiful friendship we share…But surprisingly we Did survive xP

What I realized in these 3 years of dosti is that When two people are having any kind of relation and they love each other .. fights are inevitable… Be it serious or not..fights always happen…What matters is how you handle it..

We did fight a lot but we always talked it through…And we’ll Keep fightin and talking in future :P
But I want to say one thing – I luv U mad guy..and always will… Ya U had ur flaws and I had mine..but we are good as best friends..pretty good I would say J
I dnt know about the others but I am never gonna set you free crazy xD

Happy Birthday Beta J J
And btw…I really like this pik of urs so I edited it J :D


  1. thanxz alot jaaaaaanii!! i love u soo much <3
    thanxz 4 being with with me .. u have been with me all de tym.. whether bad or good tym!! nd yea i guarantee ke hamari dosti will last 4 ever <3 <3