Monday, 9 April 2012

18 IT IS!!

So I am 18... God! I was waiting for this number since soooo long!! a legal adult!
I can vote , Drive! Get into any film :D :P

17 has been a good age...Learnt many lessons...

Met New Friends...

Fell in love with 3 guys...


Changed into a new and a better person :))

17 was when I finished my board examination...

Cleared 1st round of NIFT...

So MANY THINGS happened!!

and now its time to make some new a new year calls me ♥ :D

18 is gonna change me..My Life..Everything!!

I would be going to college..

Meeting even many more new people... making a place for myself in the world...

I think 18 is gonna be exciting!!

Till then :D Wish me luck!!

And Happy Birthday2 me!!

XOXO!! Sania 

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