Monday, 8 August 2011

My true best friend....

You are always there when times are hard 
Like you are my own bodyguard 
We've laughed and cried and been angry too 
But just remember I love you 

We've said some things that we didn't mean 
But through thick and thin we have been 
We cannot forget the times We've shared 
 We've helped one another when we were scared 

Boys and girls, girls and boys 
Together they play with there favourite toys 
But as we grow its harder to share 
But with you I can trust and always care 

In our teens life got tough 
Lovers and friends just wasn't enough 
But you were there, my support my rock! 
But we didn't no how fast goes the ticks of the clock 

Life moved us apart and then things just changed 
Our happiness together would be re-arranged 
The tears and the joy dissolved into the air 
But at the back of my mind you were always there 

Some day we'll meet again lyk days old...
The memories we share just cannot stop 
The years spent apart we cannot amend 
But you never forget we're always friends 

Will Never forget my true best friend.........

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