Sunday, 10 July 2011

THANKZ FOR BEING IN MY LYF :) ♥ (written by me for my best friend Parth Raval on his bday..4th May)

Its only 2 n a half hours till 4 may comez and u turn 18 :D:D:D….Sooo Mr. Official Adult„,Wish u advance mein Haaaappppiiiieeee Biiiirrrtthhdaaayyy!!! :)))
It has been two years since I have known u…N itz beeeennn greaaaatt havin u as my den frnd..n now best frnd..:D
I still rembr my first impression of u…:P
You were d sleepy shaant guy sittin beside Omar ya Zabeir ya Hilal in Hindi class…..Mr. dukhi atma as the galz called u :P :P :P..!!! One day absent One day Present….tab I neva thought that one day u ll b d person with whom I’ll share the most…
Whole of the first term we rarely talked….n I think we dint evn exist fr each oder….And den 2nd term The Incident happened :P:P
I rembr in tuition u sittin in d nxt seat ur face red with anger… kubra n elizabeth beside u treeeeemmmbbblin in fear … both whisperin 2 me…WE R SOOOO GNA GET MURDERED 2DAY!! 
but den dat day at nite u n me chatted »> n i cleared dat we had no hand in d BIG gossip abt u!! (though dey were verrryy funnny :P)
and datz wen we became frnz….:D
I seriously am thankfull to dat jerk whu spread d rumours..:P
coz of him I got my best friend ♥ :D
I dont rembr ALL of d eventz that followed but I just rembr dat u have been an IMPORTANT part of my lyf tabse….
U been der thru evry up and dwn in my lyf tabse….I have told abt evry nonsense detail to u n d shocking fact…u listened!
Wen one of our friend had turned against me for sumthng I din do»>u were der….even though she was much closer to u than me…n I wud have totally understud if u had been with her nt me…u still were der by my side tellin me dat shell go to hell :P:P…..
It tuk me a looonngg tym to let that frndshp go but evrytym I used to bring it up n start cryin over wot a spcl frnd I had lost u scolded me n told me she was nt worth it….U are the only reason I cud stop blamin woteva happnd on me….
In these 2 years I think we have fought seriously only 1c….durin dat sms drama!!..:P (u rembr dat??..:P)
And thru ol my idiotic assumptionz…stupid reasons to question ur trust in me and God know wot ol odr Crazzyyy thingz in my mind u have not got irritated n told me k I pakao too much (I knw i do dattt!!)
and now its tym…I guess…to let u know….that Parth Raval….You are the best thing that has happened to me in the 17 years of my lyf…. n I m reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllly gratefull to God that he gave me an angel as my best friend….:)
I love you n alwayz will….U are the BEST of the best friends I ever had….I dont know wot else to say…
Happy Birthday!

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